Only at Calumet Park Dee May 1, 2000
Calumet Park's extraordinary beauty is well-matched unique features and customizable options for all families to enjoy.

Calumet Park, with its natural splendor and timeless architecture, is a beautiful and unique place to celebrate a loved one’s life. Our scenic vistas and private spaces leave lasting memories, and provide endless possibilities to serve your personal needs.

HORSE AND BUGGY Dignified & Stately
Horse Drawn Carriage
Our beautifully appointed funeral carriages are led by a stately black horses that command admiration as they gracefully transport the beloved to their final resting place.
AIR SCATTERING memorable & modern
Aerial Ash Scattering
We are proud to offer scattering cremains by air. Our team oversees the entire process and works with you to scatter virtually anywhere in the country.
harley hearse stylish & elegant
Harley Davidson Hearse
Our Harley Hearse package is the dream ride to the final resting place. There is no way to bid farewell to a friend.
Fresh and astoundingly unique ways to send off our beloved.We enjoy offering the most dynamic ways to create the best celebrations imaginable. Click on any of the latest forms of memorial to learn more.
For those who are shamelessly unapologetic and want to leave with an awe inspiring fireworks display, our Angel’s Flight is for you. It’s the most eventful; yet, delightful introduction into eternity.

We offer Green burials as an Earth-friendly alternative to traditional burials. We’ve created the Nature’s Path section to honor life by returning it naturally back to the Earth with the utmost respect and dignity. In this section, you won’t find tombstones or man-made constructions, but only the protected earth and it’s serenity.

As featured to the right, hiking into nature has a meditative and reflective quality. In this memorial, relatives and friends gather to hike into a chosen location where the beloved’s ashes will be scattered. It’s a powerful way to say farewell to anyone who appreciates nature’s beauty and would gladly choose to rest in it.

Cremation gardens are designated areas in churches or cemeteries exclusively for those who wish for their ashes to be spread on the earth and not buried. Cremains (ashes) pose no biological threat to nature and can be scattered in gardens where new life will form. We’ve taken intentional steps to create a peaceful and aesthetic place of remembrance for all who select this type of memorial.

We can customize an ocean scattering memorial to accommodate virtually any desire to create the perfect farewell. Our in-house team will work with you to create the most bespoke experience fitting for the  family and friends of the beloved.

We're happy to provide additional information and answer any questions you may have. Please tell us which memorial interests you:
Our architecture and park design is unique to Calumet Park,
and represents our commitment to excellence.
Each structure below is a representation of our desire to offer comfort and encouragement to each visitor.
Feature: Indoor Mausoleum

Where to find it: to the left before Section 17.

Feature: Butterfly Garden

Where to find it: on the left when using the second entrance on 73rd Avenue.

Feature: Kneeling Veteran

Where to find it: In Section 17 surrounded by the flags.

Feature: Young Angel

Where to find it: The Infant sub-section is within Section 38.

Use the interactive map below to explore each of our sections and features:

We'd love to show you around.


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