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Traditional + Modern Approaches to Memorials

To celebrate and memorialize someone well is the ultimate form of respect and honor. We offer a variety of traditional and fresh services to send off our beloved in a way they would appreciate.


We understand memorials are not one-size-fits-all.
Our range of memorial products can be affordably tailored to meet virtually any request.

Traditional Burial Options

From Columbariums to Private Mausoleums, learn about our first-class burial options here.

Cremation Options

We can bury, aerial scatter or present urn jewelry with cremains to friends and family.

Resting Places

Our park accommodates everything from green burials to mausoleum entombment.

Custom Memorials

Our team of Celebrants are excellent at designing bespoke memorials for special people.


Our park offers over 400+ acres for in-ground burials.

We provide a wide variety of memorialization options, and our process to help you determine how to best memorialize your loved one is simple, and sensitive.

  • Ground Burial or Cremation
  • Community Mausoleum Entombment
  • Private Family Mausoleums
  • Niche Inurnment
  • Green Burial
Which of these options most interests you?

Our Family Service Counselors are excited to conveniently provide more information about any of our premium burial options.

Did you know?

Calumet Park plants a commemorative tree for every person who uses one of our funeral homes.


Our cremation choices are flexible, affordable and personalized.

We are proud that our in-house team can directly facilitate each of the cremation options below:

Ground Burial

Yes, cremains (ashes) can be buried in any of our lots. Please contact us for details.


We offer various enclosed resting places for cremains like our niches and mausoleums.

Cremation Garden

Cremation gardens are a display of life's circularity in that new life forms where ashes were scattered.

Mock of Angel's Flight for cremains.
Aerial Ash Scattering

Air scatterings represent freedom by allowing ashes to freely rejoin with earth. We can scatter in any approved location within US borders.

Hike-In Ash Scattering

Hike-Ins provide a uniquely reflective experience for friends and loved ones.

Angel's Flight

Your loved ones will forever remember how your memory lit the entire night sky.

Enjoy what you see?

Cremation is ever increasing in popularity. In fact, in 2020 cremation surpassed burial as the popular choice in the U.S, according to the NFDS.
We’re happy to share more information  when you’re ready.

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Have questions about our grounds?

We have assembled a comprehensive FAQ that addresses common questions about our grounds, park maintenance and decorating guidelines.


Meet with our Family Service
Counselors and Celebrants.

Our dynamic team of Family Service Counselors and Celebrants would love to help you design the most perfect memorial service possible.

While our pre-packaged traditional services will always be available for families, our bespoke options are an excellent alternative for individuals who desire a farewell that specifically represents them.

The options are virtually limitless and we're excited discuss them with you, when you're ready.


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