Pre-planning Dee May 1, 2000

Let's have the talk.

Pre-planning your final arrangements isn’t what it used to be. It was a very taboo discussion, but as we’re more informed and open to healthy conversation about our lives, families and children’s well-being – it’s only proper that we lay out how we wish to be remembered. For some it’s a traditional funeral with a luncheon after, for others it’s a hike in the mountains with a small concert. Whatever your style is, be remembered in that way.
We’d love to help.
Pre-planning ensures your family is aware of your wishes
and won't need to make stressful decisions without you.

Why pre-plan?

1. It's a gift for your loved ones.

If you disappeared today, your family would have to stop their lives to plan for your absence all while dealing with you not being there. How much simpler and less stressful would it be if you spent a few hours planning it all out?

2. Because anything can happen.

The unfiltered truth is death knows no age. Tomorrow has never guaranteed itself to anyone. We should all be wise and have our plans ready for seamless implementation.

Pre-planning is not for older people - it's for wise people of any age.
3. Because it's better to leave together.

It’s always better to have the hard conversations early. Meeting with us then going for an excellent meal with your loved ones far surpasses leaving our offices without the one you love and cherish most.

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